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Lizzi-Socialization Expert

Lizzi is our 9 year old, she has had dogs around her, her whole life. She LOVES being with the puppies, playing and walking the adults, and helping feed and water everyone in the pack. 

She is so good about spending time with each individual puppy to make sure they know love and handling from a young child. She is so good about calling them by their names, making sure they use their potty trays, and always have a lap to snuggle on and a friend to chase. She spends her free time, pretending she is a dog or horse herself, reading as much as she can, barrel racing with her horse Lexi, as well as creating a bond and training her yearling Sis. She also participates in tumbling and competitive soccer. She loves school and is looking forward to starting 4th grade in the fall.

Lizzi Red Rock Ranch Breeders socialization expert
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