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We are so excited to be a part of the Pomsky adventure. I have been in love with this new hybrid since I first set eyes on the cross. I knew this was a dog I wanted to own and then decided to breed so that others could have their own loving pets. Our first Siberian Husky we purchased was Foxtrottin’ Northerns Kiva Diva, we have since owned 3 other Siberian Husky mothers. Princess Kiara, Koda Bear, and Merida. As well as two Pomeranian Fathers, Moose and Jagger. 

We are now moving onto our multigenerational pomskies (breeding pomsky to pomsky) in an effort to continue the breed and to gain recognition, eventually, with the AKC as their own established breed. Our dogs run our household and also have a 250 sq ft insulated, heated and cooled dog building; it is complete with a 2,500 sq ft fully fenced play yard.

Tamsin f2 pomsky. Red Rock Ranch Breeders

As with most hybrid breeds, the physical appearance of a Pomsky puppy can be somewhat unpredictable, and as a fairly new breed, Pomsky breeders are still tweaking the ‘perfect’ look for the breed. However, most enthusiasts seem to gravitate towards a look that is similar to a Husky but smaller in size.  But you never know – there may be more Husky in one pup, while another is more like a Pomeranian – and they can all be from the same litter!

The Pomsky’s temperament too can be varied depending on each parent’s genetic contribution, but they are generally considered to be highly intelligent, loving and playful dogs.

Red Rock Ranch Breeders Pomsky puppies

One of the perks of buying a puppy through us is that we will help along the way. I want to make sure every dog is perfectly matched with their new family and that you have all the information you need to help train your perfect puppy. If you need help or want some ideas on potty training, puppy teething, socializing your puppy or anything else I am always happy to help. We want to provide every tool possible to help this be a match made in heaven and your home full of love.

NOTE: We have found a wonderful group of Pomsky breeders who are friendly and respectful to each other and happily help each other improve the breed. We recommend that you steer clear of breeders who try to win your business by speaking negatively about other breeders. You can get a good idea of how well your Breeder will treat you by how you notice they treat and/or talk about others. 

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